Harry's Monster Party, Diss - 25th March 2018

It's Harry's birthday, which he decides to have up at Monsters soft-play on the edge of Diss - otherwise known as Danté's sixth circle of Hell. Actually, being as it is at 3.30pm on a Sunday, it's actually not that bad, and the children really do seem to enjoy running around a lot and eating deep-fried beige foodstuffs off plastic plates.

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Jack and Harry

Harry, Jack and Lilly head down the slide

Fred roams around

Harry runs around

Jack, Harry and Jacob on the 'throne'

There's much distress that the bin isn't actually yellow

Tea-time occurs

Mikey P ably mans the squash dispeners

Fred plays 'Happy Birthday' on guitar

Harry's inner circle

Isobel at the café counter

Monsters is weird at closing time, with no-one on the equipment

Harry holds his party bag aloft

Back at the house, Harry opens up some cards

Harry gets some Lego

Harry reads out a card

Jasmine's card

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Jack and Harry