A Southwold Car Picnic, Southwold, Suffolk - 20th March 2018

We're back at that perennial favourite - Southwold Pier - for a car-picnic and an hour in the arcade.

next album: Harry's Monster Party, Diss - 25th March 2018
previous album: St. Patrick's Day at the Village Hall, Brome, Suffolk - 16th March 2018

Fred's on the 2p machines again

Bird's-eye view of a stack of coppers

The 'to the pier' red neon sign

Meanwhile, Harry's on 'The Claw'

The strange world of the crane machine

A rack of 2p machines

Isobel holds up some prizes

Neon 'change'

Harry escapes from the ice-cream shop

The gang follow the arrow

Fred and Isobel on the wall

Isobel skims a stone

Harry looks 'meh'

Bird on a groyne, as the sea melts into the sky

Fred on the beach

Fred does some skimming

Beachhuts are piled up in the car park for winter

Fred checks out the coin-pressing machine

Tim Hunkins' signs

Fred bounces around by a sea mine

In Stradbroke, some old petrol-station tanks have been dug up

Petrol tank

Stradbroke Queen Street, looking up towards the Spar

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Fred's on the 2p machines again