The End of the Beast (From the East), Suffolk - 14th March 2018

The last of the snow melts away, so the boys make the most of it.

next album: St. Patrick's Day at the Village Hall, Brome, Suffolk - 16th March 2018
previous album: More March Snow and a Postcard from Diss, Norfolk - 3rd March 2018

The 'Jolly Conkeror' floats in a sea of snow

Grace's 'crop cricles' are still visible

Fred and Harry mess around

Fred makes some sort of portable snowman with twig arms

Harry's on a small patch of snow

Isobel's on the phone

Fred finds a cool icicle

The Oaksmere's new walled garden takes shape

George chats to the boys at the bar

Harry and a chequer-board floor

Down by The Serpentine in Hyde Park, there's something involving Penny Farthings going on

Harry and Fred dress up for World Book Day

Some of the last slam-door trains, due for retirement at the end of this year

The boys walk over the field to Alistair's house

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The 'Jolly Conkeror' floats in a sea of snow