Hyde Park and Carpets, London and Diss - 20th September 2017

The cycle through Hyde Park in the morning is starting to look very autumnal, whilst over at Paddington, the graffiti tagger Runch - normally active up the East End, around Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green - has been busy. A couple of weeks later, we're up John Doe's in Diss to look at carpets, where the boys discover a whole world of secret bases amongst the rolls of off-cuts.

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Boris - Stripey Cat - is being very circular

There's a new tag - D13 - down at Liverpool Street

The flag things, originally installed at the time of the 2012 Olympics to tart up the grim trackside around Liverpool Street, have actually been renewed

There's an interesting and highly-unusual folk band playing down at the Yaxley Cherry Tree. Instruments include a Phono-fiddle (with the gramophone horn)

The phono-fiddle is swapped for a more conventional mandolin

Serpentine Road through the middle of Hyde Park

A swan drifts around on the Serpentine

West Carriage Drive is getting all autumnal

There's an abandoned sofa outside a vacant business unit on Vince's Road in Diss

The Infamous Runch makes their mark on buildings outside Paddington Station

The Heathrow Express trundles out of Paddington

The bike path on Constitution Hill is getting covered in dead leaves

The Bloomberg Building in The City - five years in the making - is nearing completion, including a weird pond thing

The Bloomberg offices on the junction of Queen Victoria Street and Queen Street Place in the City

The boys and Isobel in the Eye Co-op

The all-seeing-eye watches the Eye Town Hall

There's a craft market going on at the Town Hall in Eye

Fred, Isobel and a load of carpet rolls in Doe's of Diss

Hundreds of stacked carpet remnants

The boys have hours of fun in the rug section

Fred's epic Lego Ninjago birthday creation

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Boris - Stripey Cat - is being very circular