From Lios Póil to Oileán Acla, County Mayo, Ireland - 7th August 2017

After visiting Minard beach again in the morning, we head off from Lios Póil "up the road" to Achill Island, which actually turns out to be around six hours away or more. Once there, we explore the adjacent village of Achill, where the hotel - the Óstán Oileán Acla, or Achill Island Hotel - is based, find some more epic dereliction and enjoy a beer up at McLoughlin's Bar. Then, back at the hotel on the second night things are a bit busy in the evening as the scheduled yacht race has been cancelled due to the (utterly modest) winds. After a while, some music breaks out as various people start singing, whilst we meet up with a musical family that plays guitar and penny whistle. Meanwhile, some geezer who apparently commentates on the yachts for local radio hauls out his "mobile PA" and menaces people with it, cajoling songs and music out of them and shouting loudly, whilst getting significantly tipsy. It's all good fun.

next album: Surfing Achill Island, Oileán Acla, Maigh Eo, Ireland - 8th August 2017
previous album: Lispole and the Féile Lios Póil, Kerry, Ireland - 4th-6th August 2017

On the last day in Lios Póil, we visit Minard castle again, this time in the sun

There are some nice beach cairns

The gang mill around

The bay looks much prettier in the sun

Philly, Isobel and Fern

The gang, and Minard Castle

Fred plucks off one of the 'sea monster' tentacles

Harry with a hat

Flower on the beach, and Minard Castle

It's like a purple alpine scene

Classic Irish bar in Adare

More brightly-coloured bars and shops in Adare

A derelict mill somewhere

Old Ulster Bank in Ballinrobe, between Galway and Castlebar

Fred and Isobel in the restaurant of the Óstán Oileán Acla

Fred contemplates his epic pudding

Harry at breakfast

Fred and Harry make a stop-motion film

We play pool at McLoughlin's, a mile up the road from the hotel

Harry has an unusual cue action going on

Inside McLoughlin's bar

McLoughlin's bar in Achill

Derelict house in Achill

Boarded window and wide-open door

Decaying green paint on a wall

Another derelict room with peeling paint

Isobel peers into an abandoned shop

Inside the derelict shop, all the valuable stuff was taken but everything else was left

Derelict shop

Old posters stuck up in a window

Fred sweeps the pavement with some pampas grass

A rusting derelict shop

Big shiny motorbike outside the Achill SuperValu

Fred on Achill bridge

Striking tubular steel-work

Our hotel, as seen from the island

Fred eats more sausages and chips

Harry does a fake grin

Harry, Patrick and Fred make a huge snake out of connectey things

Fred's new chum Caoimhe helps out with construction

Meanwhile, some penny-whistle action breaks out

Sinéad plays whistle as the bloke from the local radio gets his portable mic out

Guitar and whistle

Fred and Caoimhe play pool

Microphone Dan continues his more-than-slightly-pissed commentary, as he shouts 'from Wicklow' again

Red-cheeked rambling commentary

The commentator looks taken aback by some frantic guitar. From Wicklow!

At the end of a long night, Harry is actually asleep standing up

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On the last day in Lios Póil, we visit Minard castle again, this time in the sun