BSCC Rides to the Six Bells, Gislingham, Suffolk - 1st June 2017

In the last official Thursday BSCC bike ride before the pub closes down, we ride over to where it all began: The Six Bells at Gislingham. There's also a bit of randomness from Nosher's Paddington office and a trip to a garden centre.

next album: A Retirement: The Last Night of The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 3rd June 2017
previous album: Wavy and Martina's Combined Birthdays, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 27th May 2017

Vanishing-point architecture at 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington

The Sheldon Square 'pit' at lunchtime

The BSCC heads off towards Thrandeston

On Mellis Common

Isobel waves

The BSCC rides past outside the Mellis Railway Tavern

The group pauses to let some traffic past


Jill, Spammy and Isobel write a retirement card

Outside the Six Bells

Apple gets a pint at the bar

Back at the Swan

Spammy looks over

Spammy gets a card and some flowers for doing all the BSCC stuff over the years

Nosher leaves some graffiti above Urinal Number 1 in the Swan bogs

The mirror that has seen Nosher's face for the last 28 years

Marc and The Boy Phil

We roam amongst the giant pots at Bressingham Garden Centre

Fred and Harry and some cat-shaped pots

A bumble bee does its thing

Isobel and Fred

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Vanishing-point architecture at 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington