A Day at the Beach, Exmouth, Devon - 14th April 2017

It's time for a trip to the beach, down the A30 to Exmouth. Naturally, there's time for sandcastles and ice creams, and a chance for a bold Herring Gull to swoop in and steal some sandwiches.

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Sis looks out to sea

Some abandoned spades

Mother waves

Matt and Mother

The Exmouth lifeboat

Matt reels in a kite

The sandwich-stealing seagull flies around looking for more food

An old dude scoots by

Exmouth sea front

The town of Exmouth

Airborne kite surfer

A kite surfer scoots past

Matt builds sandcastles

The finished sandcastle

Isobel on the beach

We visit the most epic ice-cream shop

Fred's got blue ice-cream

The traditional pursuit of pedalos styled like swans is still popular

Fred finds a tree in the dunes

Outside Exmouth Amusement Arcade is an abandoned hammer-strength machine

Sis and Isobel discuss topics of the day

Beach huts

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Sis looks out to sea