A Postcard from Beccles, Suffolk - 2nd April 2017

Following the Bungay Black Dog Festival of Running, we drive over to nearby Beccles for a wander around, and happen to catch up with the half marathon runners who are still stomping around the Waveney Valley

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The boys head down to the river

Isobel, with a gammy leg, walks down the steps

A bunch of half-marathon runners passes by

Drinks are offered at a watering station

The hippies are still together

A view from the church

We explore one of the 'scores' - the lanes that run down to the river's edge

Beccles shops

Down by the quay

Isobel does Facebook on the bridge

A sad-looking boat

Fred and Isobel in Prezzo

Prezzo Beccles is a converted cinema

The old Beccles cinema

Beccles church - a tale of two buildings

Isobel and Harry head into a shop. Sadly, it's closed

The remains of the old A143 just outside Brockdish

Back home, we have a big bonfire, which Isobel pokes with a stick

Burning logs

Isobel fishes out a baked potato with a plank of wood

Fred uses his Saxon shield to get close enough to poke the fire

Sparks fly out, as Isobel pokes

More sparks, like that scene out of Apollo 13

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The boys head down to the river