A Cameraphone Miscellany - 1st January 2017

Every so often, the phone - which counts as totally-emergency camera C and so hardly ever gets used - gets its photos hauled off. As such, this set spans a while, in fact an entire year.

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The Christmas Tree in the lounge of Number 19, Dublin, Christmas 2015

The Boy Phil pokes around in the cellar of The Swan

Phil and Paul take a photo of some family-related graffiti on a beam in the cellar

A Barclays cash machine in 2016 displays its shocking pedigree: it's based on a 700MHz PIII from 2003 with 925KB memory

Fred has note on his door: seecret club

Somebody up The Swan likes Bernie

In the office, Grandad and Harry share a nap on the futon

Fred plays Guitar Hero as Grace looks on

Grace has a go at being a guitar legend

The neighbours get some kind of 'porch envy' and so stick one on their house too

Harry and Fred in Mulberry Bush nursery

Fred and Harry

Nosher, The Boy Phil, Neil, Suey and Paulio at the Norwich Beer Festival

Fred on a tractor

The tractor trundles off to plough tons of coriander into the ground

Harry with a Lego creation

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The Christmas Tree in the lounge of Number 19, Dublin, Christmas 2015