Badger's Holt, Dartmoor, Devon - 9th August 2016

Day Two with Sean and his massive sees us off to one of Nosher's old Polytechnic-days haunts - Badger's Holt - in the southern half of Dartmoor, followed by a stop off to climb the rocks at Combestone Tor.

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Goats like to stand on stuff

Isobel and the boys roam around the chicken sheds at Badger's Holt

The cat gets the cream

Fred jumps about

Harry and Sydney

Big boulders

Rowan and Fred, and the river

A peacock feather

The children pose on the old clapper bridge at Dartmeet

The road bridge at Dartmeet

Isobel joins in with rock climbing

Rowan and Fred on the rocks

The river flows by

Sean and Harry

Harry gets a change having got a little wet

Fred grudgingly gets in to the spirit of Pixies' Holt

Isobel with a green furry waistcoat on

Gnomes in the wood

A dragonfly

Michelle gets the dogs out

Fred gets his shoes on

Isobel, Sean and Michelle on Combestone Tor

The wilds of Dartmoor

Solitary tree

Some dude amongst the scattered rocks

Isobel and Sean look up

Fred does a great pose between the rocks

Isobel takes a photo of Fred's acrobatics

Isobel runs around

Back at Sean and Michelle's campsite, Rowan and Fred play table-tennis

The games room

Rowan and Nosher have a knock about

Time for dinner at the Parker's club house

the clubhouse by night

Fred and Isobel head back to the tent

Breakfast o'clock

The tent is packed away

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Goats like to stand on stuff