Days by the Pool and Sea, Albufeira, Portugal - 8th April 2016

It's time for more hanging around in the indoor pool and down by the beach, followed by a trip to the nearby Chinese restaurant for a full-on authentic Portuguese dining experience

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The massive edefice that is the Hoteis Paraiso

Fred in the Jacuzzi

Isobel and Harry come along to see what's occuring

Pool-side loungers and the 80s canteen

Harry gets in

Harry floats around

A massive herring gull perches on a car roof

Fred tries to grab a Mimosa leaf

One of many nice tiled street signs

A pile of dogs on a staircase

Fred on the escalator down to Praia dos Pescaderos

Our regular beer stop: Sir Harry's Bar

View from the bar

Harry and Fred get in some giant milkshakes

Isobel and the boys choose some postcards

Contra-jour as we wander up some cobbled street

Almost-Moorish tiling

Tiling detail

The artificial cave/tunnel to the beach

Harry runs about on the beach

Harry runs away from the sea

Pebble-dash graffiti

A line of tuk-tuks near the Inatel Hotel

Isobel and Harry in the Chinese restaurant near the hotel

Fred's got a bishop's hat on

A pile of food occurs

Anti-social or not: Harry keeps quiet by looking at a pooPad

Fred stares out a Tarracotta-soldier-type dude

The gang run around by the kung-fu animal statues

Spot the Cyberman

Fred and Harry do their thing

Outside, a strange photo-shoot occurs

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The massive edefice that is the Hoteis Paraiso