On the beach, Albufeira, Portugal - 7th April 2016

A round-up of a couple of trips down to the beach, and on along the seafront almost to the marina.

next album: Days by the Pool and Sea, Albufeira, Portugal - 8th April 2016
previous album: Gary and Vanessa's Barbeque, Alcantarilha, Algarve, Portugal - 7th April 2016

Random graffiti

The view of the beach from the top of the escalator

Downtown seaside Albufeira old town

Isobel roams around

Isobel and Harry get ice cream

A cow in the style of the flag of Portugal

Harry and Isobel wander past the bar strip

Harry slurps on a Harry's Bar milk shake

The boys get balloon animals from a street performer

Harry gets introduced to his namesake in Sir Harry's Bar

Cheap, shiny, sunglasses

Isobel looks at expensive bikinis

Derelict building

More derelict buildings

Down on the seafront, yet more dereliction

The view from the strange lift/platform thing that sticks out into the beach

Nice little inset paintings

Isobel on the beach

Down at the beach bar

Classic old Ford Cortina

Our hotel is hysterically 'powered by feelings'

Harry pokes a massive metal peacock

Spot the Cyberman

Fred and Harry in the usual a-social tablet mode

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Random graffiti