Gary and Vanessa's Barbeque, Alcantarilha, Algarve, Portugal - 7th April 2016

Vanessa picks us up and we head of in to the interior of the Algarve for a barbeque at Gary's parents' pad somewhere near Alcantarilha. On the way we stop off at the village for a quick poke around and get to see the Capella dos Ossos, or the Chapel of Bones - a small chapel lined with bones dug up when the graveyard was redeveloped.

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Some random Portuguese street: look! they're driving on the wrong side!

A heavily-graffiti'd building

The picturesque road through Alcantarilha

The building we park next to has one or two House Martin nests

Whitewashed buildings

Vanessa and Isobel mill around

Inside the Capella dos Ossos - the Chapel of Bones

The boys inspect the skulls as Fred checks his once-broken wrist bone

We walk back to the House Martin building

A roadside orange seller

Fred plays with balloons in the lounge

Vanessa and Gary amongst the satsuma trees

Harry and Elanna look out from the rooftop

The young ones run around

Tiled stairway to the sky

Gary mans the barbeque

Harry says hello to the dog

Gabes reaches for an orange

Fred in the kitchen

Fred's picking oranges

Barbeque activity

Isobel loads up

Spot Harry - cheekily peering out from up on the roof again

Gap-toothed Fred shows off his creation made from lots of Kinder Egg toy containers

Back at the hotel, we head to the bar for a cocktail (and a sleep for Harry)

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Some random Portuguese street: look! they're driving on the wrong side!