A Visit to the Library, Albufeira, Portugal - 5th April 2016

On Tuesday, Isobel meets up with her friend Vanessa - off of Gary and Vanessa - at a nearby library. From there, there's a spot of lunch at the Panito Mole café up the road. Then, there's a trip to the Tres Palmeiras restaurant for some nice wine and some excellent Cataplana - the local fish speciality. The next day, it's down to the Inatel beach for some sun and sand.

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previous album: A trip to Portugal: Getting There, Stansted and Albufeira - 3rd April 2016

Street art on some comms cabinet

Harry, Isobel and Fred on the crazy-paving street

Portugal graffiti

Harry and Isobel in the Biblioteca Municipal

Elanna and Harry

Quiet library lobby

Fred and a wall of books

Fred's in there somewhere

Everything's better with dinosaurs

Harry with his 'c'llection' of two-headed dinos

The Panito Mole sign

Harry, Elanna and Fred at the 'ball of stuff' machine

Blue sky and a white building

Bright spring flowers


Harry goes for another Chupa Chupa

The comedy worms on a roundabout

The gang and some more graffiti

Back at the hotel, Fred goes for a swim

Fred and Harry explore the pool

The massive edefice that is the Hotel Paraiso do Albufeira

Harry and Isobel in the Tres Palmeiras restaurant


Isobel and the Cataplana pan

Harry, Isobel and Fred

Isobel outside the restaurant

Back at the hotel

Fred mimics the baby Jesus on the Sagrada Familia statue with a 'yay, I'm alive!'

Harry and Fred pretend to play stick game

Fred looks out to sea

The Inatel/Praia dos Pescadores beach

Harry and Isobel under a parasol

Fred and a boat

Harry and Fred play on the beach

Fred digs frantically

Fred and Harry buried in the sand

Harry has a nap

The Inatel hotel

There's a chair stuck up the cliff

The cliffs are full of fossilised shells in the rock

Outside the Riviera bakery, there's a battered old Rolls-Royce

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Street art on some comms cabinet