Another Trip to Banham Zoo, Banham, Norfolk - 29th March 2016

Isobel's away so Nosher and the boys spend a day at Banham Zoo

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Colourful graffiti by the track side

More abstract graffiti near Liverpool Street Station

Nosher visits Skype's Holborne offices to be inducted in to the Microsoft way

Funky archway

The street outside the Bloomberg development is covered in cryptic utility markings

Fred gets to meet a hissing cockroach as we wait to get in to the zoo

A pile of sleepy Fennec Foxes

Fred's favourite black-and-white Colubus monkey

Banham zoo has a new baby Bactrian camel

An implausibly-bright-orange bird

Harry and Fred

A big hairy tarantula

The otters are getting it on

A meerkat peers around

A wet otter

The otter pauses on a waterfall

A baby monkey with blue eyes

Anna/Alice and Grace

Time for lunch

The intrepid explorers head off on a mission

Some of the children pretend to be meerkats

Another meerkat

Pink flamingos

Harry and Fred

A duck floats past in a photo that looks like a black-and-white

Blue skies and bare trees

Sam the Bald Eagle is still staring at stuff

A pair of blue macaws are taken away from the demonstration arena

Sophie and Fred

Some consipracy is afoot

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Colourful graffiti by the track side