A March Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 16th March 2016

A round-up of everything from planting baby cacti, a power cut, a new loco shock and a breakthrough in the building works

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In London, Lower Thames Street looks like a bomb's gone off

Down at Diss Station, a really weird and sinister cloud front moves over the town

Fred and Isobel plant some cacti

Spiky cactus

The husk of the parent cactus, which died when it got over-watered

More baby cacti in pots

Millie and Boris: a pile of cats

Harry in the Swan

Fred reads a leaflet

Harry at the Pirate Ship's wheel

Isobel stumps about

Fred leaps off the ship

Near Ilford, a well-graffiti'd bulk wagon trundles past

Even more letters have fallen off the derelict office building near Stratford

The shock sight of an actually-new loco - 68004 - on the Greater Anglia network

More graffiti

There's a power cut in the office

UK Power Networks tries to pin down the fault

Meanwhile, a bunch of us de-camp to the nearby Citizen M hotel to scrounge wifi

A hive of activity

Alex is deep in thought

Nice to see some graffiti make use of the landscape

Brian's in to help break through in to the old house from the new extension

A pile of bricks

Outside, Lewis kicks up a cloud of brick dust

Fred dresses up as Harry Potter for National Book Day

Fred and Harry Potter

Boris gets all brave and visits the office

The remains of the bathroom as the builders break through upstairs

Fred's got a bath in his bedroom

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In London, Lower Thames Street looks like a bomb's gone off