From The BBs at New Year's Eve to a Spot of Bowling, Banham and Norwich, Norfolk - 16th January 2016

The BBs are at the Banham Barrel for a spot of New Year's Eve revelry. The there's a walk to see Chinner the Wonder Horse and Brome Church, followed by a spot of bowling up in Norwich. Finally, the boys spend a few hours up at the playground in Big Park, Diss

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It's the countdown to midnight in the Barrel

Midnight and party poppers go off

Max takes a photo of the crowds

Isobel and Harry stomp off around the field

Harry holds a carrot up and shouts at Chinner the horse, who's the other side of the field

Isobel, Harry and Fred

Someone cycles off down Brome Street

In the church, there's a copy of an etching of Brome Hall, criminally pulled down in the 1960s

Brome church's stained glass

Outside, there's a dead falcon (or something) with its head in skeleton form

Fred runs around the gravestones

Harry cheekily pokes his head out

Harry does some bowling

Nosher lobs a ball

Fred's turn to bowl

Harry gets a thumbs-up for his effort

Fred cheers

Fred and HArry do some serious posing

The boys mess around on the specially-imported extra-hideous carpet that bowling venues specialise in

A damp Riverside in Norwich

Harry scoffs pizza in Pizza Hut

Down on the railway, near Seven Kings, Vince has tagged a wall

Graffiti by Refz

Down on Old Broad Street, a large metal base for an extractor fan for the Crossrail tunnel is hauled off

Fred runs back with Harry, who's on the zip wire

Harry on the Flying Fox

Fred on a wire

Nosher casts the longest of shadows on the grass of Diss Park

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It's the countdown to midnight in the Barrel