Gold-plated St. Stephen's Day, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin - 26th December 2015

It's Boxing Day, more commonly known as St. Stephen's Day in Ireland, and it's round to Wayne and Caro's for an evening nosh-up. Wayne's even scored some actual gold leaf which, whilst originally intended for dessert decoration, ends up as a bit of party "amuse bouche"

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Over at Number 19, Fred plays guitar

Table action: ready to go

Evelyn gets a go of Nicholas, the baby Nicholas

Caro dishes something amidst the scrum

Wayne does his thing in the kitchen

Dinner party

Meanwhile, the children have 'destroyed' upstairs, so get a telling-off from Evelyn. Only Annalua looks actually upset

Caro wheels out the Macarons

Noddy's hair looks epically hirsute

Evenly does a 'knacker' impersonation as she hands around gilded cheesecake

Noddy has gold stuck to his beard

Wayne with gold leaf

Isobel gets some gold surgically applied

Caro's golden teeth

Nosher's turn to get golden lips


Close-up of Wayne's golden stubble

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Over at Number 19, Fred plays guitar