Pre-Christmas: The Quietening, Blackrock, Dublin - 22nd December 2015

There's a relatively quiet couple of days before Christmas kicks off, with time to visit the beach and play in Blackrock park.

next album: Christmas Eve in Dublin and Blackrock, Ireland - 24th December 2015
previous album: From Chester to Dublin, Via Conwy and Holyhead, Wales - 21st December 2015

Fred and Isobel decorate the tree

Fred on the beach looking out over Dublin Bay

The Winkies

Fred runs around

Wet ripples in the sand

We spot an actual Sea Urchin rolling around

Trackside graffiti alongside the DART line

Fred in his favourite climbing frame

The bandstand is being slowly renovated

Rows of cottages looking like a Northern mill town

A graffiti bin

A swan stomps over to give us a close-up hairy eyeball

Fred at the top of the pyramid

Harry roams around

Isobel has a go

Fred hangs around

The underground car park of the Blackrock Centre

We find Da Wheeze working in M&S

Harry and Isobel in SuperValu, formerly known as SuperQuinn

Harry and Fred watch something on the PooPad

Harry with his cousin Nicholas

Sofa chat

Evelyn and Annalua listen to Harry

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Fred and Isobel decorate the tree