From Chester to Dublin, Via Conwy and Holyhead, Wales - 21st December 2015

It's the final leg of a two-day trip over to Dublin, via Holyhead. From Chester, we stop off at Conwy for a poke around the castle, thanks to our English Heritage membership giving us free entry (with only an hour of daylight left and £20 to get in we probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise) before continuing to Holyhead and the ferry over to Dublin. As our original catemaran had been cancelled, we get given a cabin, which proves to be a real hit and helps to while away the four-hour crossing.

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Fred and Isobel in a painted subway near the bottom of Conwy Castle

The nice Victorian floor of the Conwy Tourist Office

Isobel and the boys walk along the castle walls

The imposing main keep of Conwy Castle

The view inland from the top of the castle

Fred looks at a fed-up-looking statue

Isobel roams around inside the castle

Fred and Gabes up on the tower

It's high up alright

The moon rises over a tower - it looks like Gormenghast or something

Fred is thrilled to see what looks like a real crown on a stick

Boats on the river

The fed-up statue dude

Harry and Fred in the café near the castle

Looking back down the painted subway

Holyhead train station, as a train pulls in

The check-in booths at Holyhead ferry terminal wait to open

We're almost first in on the car deck

Fred and HArry are super-excited with their bunks

The adjacent ferry at Holyhead

Holyhead ferry terminal

The empty decks of our ferry

It's not quite the grand staircase of the Titanic

Isoble and the boys discover a mirror ceiling

Double Isobel and Fred

Isobel scores some salad

Harry eats spag bol as Fred and Nosher eat cheese, chips and salami

Fred watches something on his tablet

Harry, Fred and Isobel watch Dublin's lights

Dublin Port

Isobel and Harry

The Pilot boat comes out to meet us

The Beaufort Pilot boat nudges the huge ferry along

A ferry-funny sense of humour

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Fred and Isobel in a painted subway near the bottom of Conwy Castle