A Morning in Chester, Cheshire - 21st December 2015

It's the second day of a two-day trip to Dublin, via Holyhead. Following a night at a Premier Inn just outside Chester, we head in to the city for a poke around - Nosher not having been there since around 1985

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The gang trundles up some wet stairs

Fred and Isobel wander up Grosvenor Street

Chester timbered building

Some stone gargoyles

Harry and Fre come down the stairs of an arts-and-crafts shop

Up above street level, the boys run around

Grosvenor Street and a pair of K6 phone boxes

A poster of David Dockney in the style of Hitler

A Chester shopping arcade

Hanging around outside the optician's

A Christmas tree made up of huge silver balls

Fred and Harry do some drawing

An old woman comes to see the boys drawing, and seems impressed that youngsters still do that sort of thing

Fred and his book

Tens of family snapshots reflected in silver balls

The top end of Grosvenor Street

Fred bumps in to a giant elf, whose assistant is handing out mystery glasses

Isobel is caught at a sweet stall in Chester indoor market

Fred does more drawing as we buy a blob of Cheshire cheese

Harry and Fred look at an amazing Lego frieze of Chester

And the walls came tumbling down

A thousand buttons

The Lego version of Grosvenor Street

Fruit and Veg stalls in Chester market

There's a Christmas Tree display in Chester Cathedral

Massive Victorian radial-fin radiator

The nave of Chester Catherdral

Fred lights a candle

Striking modern stained glass

A large model representation of Dicken's A Christmas Carol

Continuing the Lego theme, Chester Cathedral is building a large Lego version of itself

Fred and Harry buy some bricks to contribute to the model

The model cathedral even has some builders

The cathedral organ

The mystery of the free glasses handed out by the Elf is revealed

Harry tries his glasses on

The cathedral refectory

Harry adds to his book

East Gate Street is heaving

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The gang trundles up some wet stairs