BSCC Dinner and Time in Norwich, Suffolk and Norfolk - 5th December 2015

Nosher's getting a tooth extracted, which involves a trip to Norwich and hanging around the St. James dental practice for a hundred hours or so. The next day it's the Brome Swan Cycle Club Christmas dinner which, on account of the extracted tooth, means that Nosher instead sits it out and looks after the bar for a bit.

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Isobel explores part of Norwich's Roman Wall near Barrack Street

An obligatory shopping trolley is abandoned in a Roman tower

Cool horse-themed street art

A random closed-down shop

Stars of CCTV, graffiti style

Isobel roams around outside the old HMSO building

Impressive 'hedge'-style street art/graffiti

More street art and graffiti on the HMSO building

Bright shiny silver graffiti

It's still a mystery how a big, useful, office building can become derelict

A curious blue house on Barrack Street in Norwich

Norwich cathedral scene, post-extraction

The A140 at Swainsthorpe is stacked

Nosher's 1987 Norwich Beer Festival glass

Matthew helps Sylvie out in the kitchen

Random pub things

Sandy looks sad, whilst Nosher is behind the bar

The bike-club massive

Spammy chats to people

The Boy Phil looks over

A game of dice takes place

More dice action

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Isobel explores part of Norwich's Roman Wall near Barrack Street