Ipswich Pizza and Diss Kebab, Ipswich and Diss - 4th May 2015

A bit of a round-up as we find ourselves on a short bike ride to Eye, down the Oaksmere for their one-year anniversary, in Ipswich for a spot of Pizza Express and, following a Thursday night bike ride, in the Istanbul Kebab House in Diss, for a proper elephant-leg kebab.

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Assembled guests at the Oaksmere's 1-year anniversary

The Oaksmere in the sun

Harry and Grandad wander off for a walk

The balloon goes up

Patriotic jacket

Fred's up his favourite rope again

Fred does some flag waving

On the way in to work, somebody hurls themselves in front of a train and so everything stops. We're stuck at Harold Wood.

Fred makes a massively-long spaceship out of Lego

By far the best election poster ever, from Simon Can of the Greens

Flopping around outside Eye Church with ice creams

Isobel and the boys

Fred runs around

A mystery bricked-up door

Harry messes around in the graveyard

Down on Fore Street in Ipswich - a derelict building

Harry does some drawing outside Pizza Express

...shortly before we move inside as the sun goes in

Ipswich marina looking towards Felaw Maltings

A couple of huge sailing barges are in

A tangle of rigging

Wowza graffiti down the tracks near Seven Kings

Brand-new graffiti near Liverpool Street Station

We do our General Election voting duties at Brome Village Hall

The Boy Phil and Isoble in Istanbul Kebab

The Boy Phil, and an Elephant Leg kebab spinning round

Isobel meets up with Katrina

Phil and Iso

Isobel cycles through Tesco Car Park towards the Lows

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Assembled guests at the Oaksmere's 1-year anniversary