A wedding reception, Radisson Hotel, Booterstown, Dublin - 15th April 2015

James and Haryanna's wedding reception is held at the Radisson Blu Hotel a few miles up the road at the edge of Booterstown, near Blackrock, Dublin.

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Harry, Fred and Annalua

Haryanna and Nilcea

The entrance lobby of the Radisson

Fred sits on a throne

Louise sweeps up the stairs

Lua and Fred amongst the maze-like hedges

The gardens of the Radisson Hotel

Isobel poses for a test photo

Haryanna and James on the steps

Comedy shot

Haryanna leans in for a cheeky kiss

Running down the steps

Haryanna and James, plus the Winkies (out of James' head)

Haryanna, Da Wheeze, James and Isobel

Louise, James, Isobel and Nosher

Isobel and Nosher

Haryanna, James and the sisters

Annalua, Haryanna and James

Haryanna and her friend from Brazil

The children slurp through straws

The wedding cake

Isobel points at stuff

Haryanna shows the ring to Davida

Haryanna and Davida have a chat

Haryanna adjusts her hair

Filling in the wedding book

Harry with his hat

Milling around on the steps

Philly ponders

Harry's out in the middle of nowhere, about to leg it

Group photo

It's hard to get children to all do the same thing at the same time, as Fred demonstrates

Fred rolls down the steps

The whole clan

The boys

Belly to bump: Nilcea and Haryanna

Isobel and Nilcea get a hug with Harry

Baby Faith


There's a nice shell/sea theme going on

Trying on Lua's flower-crown for size

Evelyn gets a go of a tiny baby

James does his speech

More speechifying

Nilcea gets some flowers

Noddy looks over

It's Isobel's turn to get flowers

Isobel gets a hug from James

James and the giant speech

Louise gets a gift

A cute little baby-gro

Haryanna wipes away a tear

The seaside theme

Family portrait in the style of the Victorians (except with more smiling)

Haryanna and her mother

Louise gets another ciggie on

Da Wheeze blows up a balloon for the children

The guests assemble for the cutting of the cake

A toast is offered

More toasting with glasses of fizz

Noddy looks like his head is about to explode

James and Haryanna cut the first slice

More cake cutting as Annalua looks on

Cake is handed out

A view from the other end of the room

Harry's asleep (and has been for half the day)

Noddy plays a bit of ukulele

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Harry, Fred and Annalua