The Naming of the Pirate Ship and a Beer in the Trowel and Hammer, Brome and Cotton, Suffolk - 4th April 2015

It's Jimmy's birthday, so there's a bit of a get-together of some of the "old gang" down the Cotton Trowel and Hammer. Later, the Oaksmere's pirate ship is officially named, following a competition to choose a suitable moniker.

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Jimmy, Andy and Bill in the Trowel and Hammer

Ian, Ricey, Jimmy and Andy, who's lit up by his mobile phone

Jimmy and his collection of glasses

Guv piles in to the Wavy-mobile

Streaking down to the main Finningham-Bacton road

Fred leads the way

The pirates pause before crossing the road

Harry - some sort of Spider Man/pirate hybrid, points to the new climbing rigging

Children swarm over the boat

Frazer hands Harry his prize for the poem that he, er, wrote

A small crowd watches the unveiling of the name

The winning name is revealed

Suey, Isobel and Harry watch

There are some new wood sculptures

The complete pirate ship

A girl, looking somewhat non-plussed, watches Fred climb a rope

Harry waves his flag around

Fred's almost at the top

Harry, with a carrot painted on to his face for some reason, leans over the side of the ship

Fred's back up the rope

Fred with face paint holds up an Easter egg

We pick up an amazingly red leaf on the way back

Spring daffodil

As we walk back from the Swan, we pick up Amelia for a quick stop on the pirate ship

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Jimmy, Andy and Bill in the Trowel and Hammer