A Very Miscellaneous March, London and Suffolk - 20th March 2015

A round-up of various camera-phone pics, which in particular document the wrecking of the car, as well as a commute to London with the addition of Isobel and Harry, who are off to a conference. Then there's a visit from Janet and James and finally the dismantling of the old greenhouse, which indirectly involves a huge bonfire made up from about six months' accumulated stuff and which very nearly sets fire to a nearby holly tree.

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Fred's added to the shopping list with the amusing 'vegabols' and 'froot' and the optimistic 'toys'

In Diss, a car is dropped on to a pile of other scrap

Harry dangles up a tree

Nosher, Fred and Harry on the top of Sheepstor, Dartmoor

The wrecked car is hauled off at Long Stratton

The trashed car waits at the Devil's Handbasin garage for collection

Harry and Isobel on the train on the way up to London

Nosher's mobile office

Nosher and Harry on the train

Harry peers out of the window at Ipswich

Harry - the not-so-Baby Gabey

Isobel and Harry trundle down the platform at Diss

Fred gets dressed up as an insect

Fred's insect costume

Bright silver graffiti near Seven Kings

Derelict building, Bethnal Green

The Blue Man Group climbs down the wall of a building on Borough High Street, London

Gloomy back street off Borough High Street

Isobel drops off the courtesy car at Enterprise in Ipswich

The boys try to figure out a self-service checkout in Asda, Ipswich

Massed ranks of green Asda trollies

Hard-to-capture graffiti hidden under som ironwork, near Liverpool Street

Fred with Francis the Owl on the Oaksmere pirate ship

Francis the Owl

The boys mess around on the hammock

James and Janet are around for tea

Grandad helps to dismantle the old greenhouse

Not much remains of the old greenhouse

Wrecked old greenhouse

Grandad sets fire to stuff, in a massive bonfire

Grandad takes a breather

Boris - Stripey Cat - and Isobel, asleep on the sofa

Harry and Isobel in the Oaksmere's bar

More skywards building on Bishopsgate, London

A view of the Gherkin that won't be available for long, on account of the building in front of it

Isobel and the boys tumble upside down on the sofa. It seemed like a good idea until Harry barfed up his pizza and hot chocolate

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Fred's added to the shopping list with the amusing 'vegabols' and 'froot' and the optimistic 'toys'