A January Miscellany and a BBs Recording Session, Norwich, Brome and Norfolk - 18th January 2015

There's a trip to Norwich with Isobel and Fred (as Harry's in pre-school), a bike-ride up Brome Avenue, a visit to Chinner the Wonder Horse and the BBs do a recording session round Henry's gaff.

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A fine old derelict building on All Saints Green in Norwich

A derelict garage door

The former Yoga Room, now derelict

Isobel and Fred inspect things at the Chinese shop in Norwich market

Roaming around the market


Fred outside The Forum

Graffiti on Top Shop's delivery door

More graffiti

Fred and Isobel on the top deck of the Park'n'Ride

Isobel and Fred cycle down Brome Street

The nearly-derelict clock tower of the old Brome Hall - about all that's left of the original building

Cycling up the lane

There's a bath in the hedge

Harry's asleep on the back of the bike

There's some amazing ice on the office Velux - the definition of the term 'frosted glass'

A low winter sun though the trees outside the office window

A sunset rainbow

Millie Cat up a tree

Harry and Fred trundle off to see Chinner

The boys dangle over Chinner's fence

Tony lets the boys come over a feed Chinner some carrots

Back in the garden, the boys play with sticks

Max and Henry twiddle knobs as the other Henry looks on

H's cymbal

Jo warms up on vocals

Fiona's plus Max's bass collection looks like a guitar shop

It's all too much for Max so he has a nap

The backing vocal boys

There's a bit of snow overnight

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A fine old derelict building on All Saints Green in Norwich