A Week Off: Thornham, Bury St. Edmunds and Wortham Ling, Suffolk - 31st October 2014

As Isobel's away and it's half term, Nosher and the boys are looking for stuff to do. There's a trip to regular haunt Thornham Estate for a bit of a scoot and a chance for Harry to roar at stuff, then we take "The G-Unit" down to Bury St. Edmunds for a wander about and a pizza, then finally we do a spot of "pretend camping" for a few hours on Wortham Ling, where Fred cycles around a lot and Harry pokes about it the sand.

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Thornham has installed some funky new composting toilets

Fred scoots

King Harry, on the throne

A big fungus, which looks like some alien brain wrapped in veins

Fred and Harry

Dark red autumn berries

Coal (Great?) Tits on a nut feeder

A Blue Tit

Fred on a lion

You'd look glum too if small boys poked your head all day

Fred on a path

Harry strolls around

Autumn cows

A funky Debenhams in Bury St. Edmunds

Bury market

The G-Unit and Gabes roam around

More Bury market

The Corn Exchange, where the beer festival was occuring

Pumpkins and stripey squashes

Harry and Grandad

A model of the original Abbey site

St. Edmundsbury Cathedral and the ruins of the old abbey

More abbey ruins

Harry plays with the water pump for ages

Harry, fascinated by water pumping

The 14th century Abbey Gate

At the bottom of Angel Hill

A lighting shop on Angel Hill

Harry in Pizza Express

Fred holds up his sticker drawing

The Nutshell - arguably England's smallest pub

Fred and Harry spar with Pizza Express balloons, as Grandad looks on

A ribbon stall on the market

Fred cycles around Wortham Ling

Fred on his bike

Harry and Fred eat a picnic in the van

The boys

Fred's got a stick. Boys like sticks

Fred does a spot of tree climbing in the back garden

Harry climbs up the tree too, and then kicks the chair over

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Thornham has installed some funky new composting toilets