Late September Misc - 30th September 2014

Fred cycles to school and afterwards opens up a shop at the end of the drive with "things for sale" which are "helfee". Hurrah for phonics!

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Millie-cat roams around as Harry stands there in his hoodie

Fred gets ready for his ride

Harry gets strapped in

Fred - complete with the top given to him by Gaz off of the BSCC bike club - is ready

Gabes looks over as they all head off

Fred, Isobel and Harry head off down the drive

In Diss, Mere's Mouth is closed off for some repairs

The car park of the old Victoria Wines is turned in to a new (probably charity) shop

Harry stands behind Fred's stall

Fred's lovely 'things' sign

Isobel and Harry

Back on the commute to work, it's lashing it down on the junction of Threadneedle Street and Old Broad Street

Bloomberg Europe's head office building continues upwards

Liverpool Street Station

Fred makes some new Lego

The fish dude in Diss holds up a massive Turbot that he was kind-of regretting buying in the first place

A casualty of economics: Phones 4U closes down nationally

A duck roams around as Andy serves sausages

Harry in Morrisons. It's Saturday so naturally it's busy like someone's declared nuclear war

Down at Diss Station, Station Cat is out and about

The 'poo tomatoes' are still getting bigger

Station Cat crosses the line

On Ayers Street in Southwark, a 2.3 litre motorbike

On Southwark Street, in the shadow of The Shard, there's a house built entirely out of wax bricks

A nice old Citroën CX2

More amusing chalk graffiti on the 'before I die' wall on Ayers Street, Southwark

On Cannon Street, some business is obvously having a fire drill

Fred's shop, with its learning-numbers-to-twenty-inspired prices

Fred's pride and joy - his shop

Fred opens his birthday presents

Sophie helps Fred open presents

A million walnuts

Fred stands in front of the banner made from a photo of his hands

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Millie-cat roams around as Harry stands there in his hoodie