London Life, Southwark - 14th August 2014

Another round-up of London work life, including a couple of trips to "Pizza Pub", the time the train back was suddenly terminated at Manningtree due to a broken-down freighter near Ipswich and another Innovation Day at The Hub in Westminster.

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Old shop - R. Sullivan - on Southwark Bridge Road

Inside Pizza Pub - The Libertine

The SK gang wander back from the pub

A fire ladder is parked opposite the office on Southwark Bridge Road

An empty Platform 10 at Liverpool Street, and the old Mark 3 coaches of the Norwich train

The scourge of commuting: reserved seats

About 400 passengers mill around at Manningtree, after being chucked off the train

Lots of people hang around angrily

A faint rainbow appears through the overhead wires, so it's not all bad

The empty train buggers off back to Colchester

A dead crow on the tracks adds to the sense of doom

One of the wind turbines on Eye airfield

A rapper does his thing at Trafalgar Square

The baffling and bizarre 'floating dudes' are still hanging around

Charing Cross station, on a cash-machine mission

A 'monster shouter''s bike

Innovation days

David gives the Hairy eyeball

Nosher and Błażej's robot Flappy Bird-playing machine

Coffey does a spot of hula hoop

Lachie is lit up by his laptop

The SwiftKey dinosaur

Overhead pipe work in The Hub

The morning after

Giant Scrabble letters and a view of The Haymarket

Back in Pizza Pub

A cyclist crosses the zebra crossing outside the pub

Reserved sign

Nosher's pizza arrives

Nice carved sign for Lant Street School, 1901

An old Truman's pub, pierced by The Shard

Southwark's own 'Flatiron' building

At Diss Station, there's a user-experience fail as the help and emergency buttons are put millimetres away from each other

The 'Flying Banana' - Network Rail's testing train, waits at Liverpool Street

Someone chats to the driver of the ancient Class 31 diesel

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Old shop - R. Sullivan - on Southwark Bridge Road