A Night out in Dublin, Ireland - 9th August 2014

We're back in Monkstown, and Da Gorls offer to babysit for the night, so Nosher and Isobel head off in to the centre of Dublin on a quest for food. The following day, it's back to Dublin airport via the Aircoach and the bus stop outside the Frascati Centre in Blackrock.

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Isobel and some graffiti, Monkstown Farm

Graffiti from 'Dubh'

About a thousand people try to crowd on the bus outside the RDS in Dublin (on account of the horse show)

In Yamamori Japanese restaurant in Dublin

Isobel gets stuck in to her Bento box

Dublin streets

Boozers in Temple Bar

A cycling rickshaw in Temple Bar

Isobel pauses on the cobbles outside The Regent Barbers

The Halfpenny bridge over the Liffey

Halfpenny Bridge, Dublin

More roaming around near Temple Bar

A bunch of foreign students go nuts in the streets

Comet Records, Cope Street

The surprising sight of actual Adnams beers in Blackrock

Blackrock high street

Fred makes a small card chamaeleon

A closed-down shop called 'Bennett', Blackrock

Some knob parks a fascito-mobile on the only electric car-point in Blackrock

The Blackrock market elephant

At Dublin Aitport, a curiously anonymous A320 loads up with passengers

Nosher is almost the first on to the plane

The plane casts a shadow and a rainbow on the clouds below, almost like some sort of Batman sign

Over the fields of Essex, an executive jet passes us by a couple of thousand feet below

North Weald airfield, and some stormy skies in the distance

A wet Stansted airport

Skylights in the roof of Stansted airport

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Isobel and some graffiti, Monkstown Farm