A Trip in to Wicklow, County Wicklow, Ireland - 8th August 2014

Day Two starts off rainy, so we decide to drive in to Wicklow (in Philly's car, by relay, so we don't have to detach the van), mostly in order to find a pub for some lunch. After said lunch, we end up going for a tour around Wicklow's historic old Gaol. It's a good way of avoiding rain for a while...

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Wicklow's Town Hall and Ernie's Bar

Wicklow Gaol

Rusty iron railings

'Tá se's' café in Wicklow. 'Tá se' means 'it is', but is also a sort of throwaway interjection in Irish

Isobel, Fred and a closed-down shop

Peeling woodwork

Derelict shop, Bridge Street, Wicklow

The children prop the bar up as they wait for their drinks

Fred, Fern and Harry at the bar

Tungsten light

For some reason, Harry's got his top off to eat lunch

A couple of lads cycle down the road

The Bridge Tavern - scene of lunch

More derelict shops

A lovely old wedding car drives through town

Fred's in heaven as he looks at a million loom bands

Wicklow Gaol

A model of a sleeping inmate

A view from the second floor of Wicklow Gaol

Fred turns the page

Cell number

Fred's at school like it's the 1800s

Fred pauses to look back on the stairs

Wishful thinking for some incarceration graffiti?

Fred hugs the sleeping inmate

Some original jail graffiti, thought to have been made by an inmate about to be shipped off to the colonies

Fern and Fred look at a model of a transportation ship

Under Philly's car, a river runs

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Wicklow's Town Hall and Ernie's Bar