A Spot of Camping, Wicklow, Ireland - 7th-9th August 2014

Isobel and The Boys take the long way there and drive the Van via Holyhead to Dublin earlier in the week. Nosher, having no holiday left to speak of, flies out later in the week and meets up at Da Gorls' house near Dublin on Wednesday night. On Thursday, we rendezvous with Philly and drive in convoy down the coast through Greystones and on to the first campsite we come across, which happens to be Silver Strand, just about a mile beyond Wicklow. The campsite, despite having a toilet block that dates from the 1970s, is in a lovely spot on the cliffs with its own sandy cove and beach, complete with a cave. The geology is particularly interesting, comprising metamorphosed shale which in places is still loose and breakable and in others has been partly melted and has intrusions of quartz running through it. Most of the exposed rock seems to shine with a silvery mica-like coating.

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The plane does a Ryanair special: the ten minute turnaround including refuelling whilst it loads

Stansted long-stay carpark from the air, with zones A,B and C at the bottom

Clouds and sunset

Noddy drinks a pint of actual Adnams ale in The Three Tun Tavern in Blackrock, Ireland

Isobel chats to Haryanna

An Ironman action figure comes with added Loom Band

Harry likes to watch telly from no more than 20cm away

Fred shows off some more 'making'

The Van and Philly's car, set up at Silver Strand campsite

Harry helps to fetch some water

Fred and his hat

Harry does some sort of Zoolander-inspired 'look' on the groundsheet in the awning

Fred wanders down to the beach

Harry - Baby Gabey - messes around in the sand

Someone has built an impressive sand castle

Harry stands in a hole in the ground

Static caravans and TV aerials

Harry roams around with his arms in the air

Time to fly a kite

The neighbour does some kite flying

Hanging out, hiding from the rain, in the library/games room

The bin gives an impressive representation of teenagers' eating habits

Harry gets bounced around on the oversized 'giants' see-saw

Overlooking Silver Strand

Philly reads with Harry and Fern

It's 'a bit dark over at Will's Mother's'

Raindrops on the awning canvas

Fred looks a bit fed up to be stuck in the van during another heavy shower

Later on, the weather has improved somewhat

Nosher and Fred head down to the beach in the evening: it's deserted

Empty beach, save for two juvenile gulls

Fred runs around

Fred stands on the shoreline, watching the sea

Digging a trench to the sea

It's hard to see in this photo, but the shale has a shiny silvery coating

Fred digs more of a trench

Nosher's feet in the sea

To the right is pock-marked sand after heavy rain; the left has been smoothed out by the sea

A passer-by takes a photo of Fred and Nosher

A Housemartin comes back to its nest in the lip of the cave mouth

Flat-leaved moss in the cave

Fred holds up some really cool 'camouflaged' seaweed

Philly, Fern, Isobel and Harry come down a bit later

A Sea Star is found on the beach

Isobel carries Harry back up from the beach

A campsite cat comes over to visit

The next day, Fred gets buried in the sand. Gabes thinks it's hilarious

Fred the Head, in the sand

A somewhat-seasonal shop in Wicklow

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The plane does a Ryanair special: the ten minute turnaround including refuelling whilst it loads