Life on the Rails and a Visit from Cambridge, Suffolk - 31st July 2014

A round-up of the ever-changing graffiti alongside the railway line from roughly Ilford in to London Liverpool Street, as well as a bike ride to Harleston and a visit from the Cambridge Massive

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On Southwark Bridge Road, some dude dresses up as a can of paint

Peacock butterflies on Buddleia

A Red Admiral

A heavily-graffitoed section of track

Silver and pink

More graffiti

A pair of 1960s Class 86 locos haul freight


Slightly more daring than usual: graffiti on an overhead signal gantry

Ozil in action

Runch - a frequent tagger around Liverpool Street is 'still rockin' wild'

More Runch

RND, or something

Recent graffiti from Rufio Booze

The Inter City passes an tube train as it's going underground

Inter City 90003 is stopped at Stratford for some reason

Tower Hamlets park life

More tagging

A close-up of a huge silver tag on the walls near Liverpool Street

Fading graffiti and new silver tags

In one of the mysterious doorways: ghosts in here

The Boy Phil and Paul peddle up the hill to Harleston

Paul and Pippa at the Cherry Tree

Harleston Cherry Tree

Nosher finds a hundred dead wasps in an outside light fitting

Harry and Fred in front of Andy's sausage van on Mere Street - for one time only facing the wrong way

Andy's legendary sausage van

Some sort of open-air art thing occurs

Fred and Gabes feed the ducks as Isobel looks on

People and ducks throng around by the Mere

A mob of bully geese steams in

Isobel and Fred have a look at Mikey P's pigs, which are staying at Wavy's

John and Caroline, plus the sprogs

Summer barbeque

Isobel hands sweets out

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On Southwark Bridge Road, some dude dresses up as a can of paint