Pizza Pub, Southwark, London - 8th July 2014

Nosher finally gets round to joining in with the rapidly-becoming-a-regular-event Tuesday lunchtime office trip to the nearby Libertine pub, a.k.a. "Pizza Pub" for, er, pizza and beer.

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Somewhere in East London, some old railway line is dug up

Derelict railway line and a London street

The train, which is a rag-bag of old NXEA-branded coaches and newer 'Greater Anglia' livery, snakes in to London

A distant view of The Shard

More graffiti is appearing alongside the tracks

Random graffiti

Nosher's obsession - the spaghetti tangle of points at Liverpool Street Station

The SwiftKey gang wander up Southwark Bridge Road

There are just one or two satellite dishes on this building on Toumlin Street

Marco discusses pizza or something

Beer at the bar of The Libertine

Lantern. star and a 1950s tower block

The post-pizza depart

The Bloomberg development, as seen from Southwark Bridge, is a forest of cranes

Back at Diss Station, the Inter-City heads off up the line to London

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Somewhere in East London, some old railway line is dug up