The Brome Village Summer Fete, Brome, Suffolk - 5th July 2014

There's a bit of building work as the porch is added to the front of the house. Then, it's the day of the annual village Fete, down at Sue Prior's in Brome Street.

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The porch gets constructed

Some chunky green-oak beams

Front view of the new porch

Andrew sets to work cutting out the old window

There's tons of dust around as Andrew cuts out the window

View from inside of the new, smaller, window

Millie tries to escape out of the hole in the wall

Down at the Fete, The Bishop of Brome fishes around in an old bath

Fred gets his face painted as Gabes looks on

Fred's bat-themed face continues

The finished face

Fred, Harry and Grandad, sitting on a bench

Amelia and the boy take shelter from a passing shower

Grandad and Harry wander off

Sue Prior's gaff and a load of gazebos

Fading summer blooms

Fred, Amelia and Harry

Someone wins a novelty spotty horse on the tombola

Spotty horse, Eva Garland and Cyril

The sign says it all

Isobel and Harry wander up Brome Street

The Brome and Oakley village sign

Brome's lonely K6 phone box

Back home, Fred plugs his sucker-and-coiley-thing on to the French doors and himself

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The porch gets constructed