A Busy Day in Diss, Norfolk - 28th June 2014

There's a load of stuff going on in Diss - once we've eaten our sausages from Andy the Sausage by the Mere and fed the ducks, there's some sort of British Legion/RAF Benevolent Fund thing going on on the Market Place, then there's a church fair going on at St. Mary's church, and finally the boys have a play on the playground.

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Fred rolls down a hill in 'Big Park' as Harry legs it

Harry chases little fluffy chicks around...

...until Mother Duck comes along to save them

Blue-green algae is in full bloom on Diss Mere

A Moorhen struts about

A juvenile Moorhen

Bunting along Mere Street

Military vehicles are out on the market place in Diss

Fred scores a balloon

Harry with a balloon

There's also a church fair going on at St. Mary's, complete with candy floss

Fred wins a lion puppet

Church fair and the Saracen's Head pub

Splat the Rat is demonstrated

Fred has a go at Splat the Rat (and wins)

Fred and Harry look up at a low-flying biplane

We chat the the local PCSO

Fred on the playground

Harry looks around for trouble to get in to

Fred on the zip wire (or flying fox)

Isobel and Harry have a go

The Norfolk Feather factory

Nosher has a go on the model railway, round Grandad's gaff

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Fred rolls down a hill in 'Big Park' as Harry legs it