The Bedfield Crown and a Diss Family Day, Suffolk and Norfolk - 16th May 2014

Another Thursday rolls around, and this week's BSCC cycle trip is out to the picturesque Bedfield Crown, a few miles short of Earl Soham.

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The Boy Phil and the gang ride out towards Bedfield

The Bedfield Crown

Colin and Alan, of the 'Saga group', arrive

A Norwich Brewery Company lantern

Colin and Jill, with beer

1970s obscured glass

Gaz lines up on the bar-billiards table as Isobel looks glum

Jill and Suey look 'enthralled'

Later, there's a 'Family Day' occuring in Diss's Big Park - Harry and Fred dress up

Harry's all at sea

Crowds watch some acrobats

Fred and Harry spin round

Fred runs about

Isobel goes to fetch Gabes, who's run off again

An impressive Terminator-like mechanical horse

The Pied Piper leads his flock

Harry looks the other way

Robo Horse

Robo-Horse spits fire

More flaming action

Harry roams off again

Milly and Fred

Harry with a jaunty hat

Milly, Fred-as-a-parrot and Harry

Isobel gets roped in to pushing the carousel

Then it's Ed's turn as carousel pusher

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The Boy Phil and the gang ride out towards Bedfield