A Building Catch-Up, Suffolk - 25th April 2014

A bit of a round-up of progress in the great "Grand Designs" project that rumbles on...

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Underlay is installed in the office

Grandad inspects the carpet as we have to unroll it outside in order to cut it down to approximate size (as it won't fit up the stairs)

Carpet is installed!

Meanwhile, out in the garden, the apple trees are in blossom

A view of the building from down the garden

Fred and Millie inspect the new floor

The sun room is ready to move in to

One of Fred/Harry's dinosaurs on the window sill

Fred and Harry run about

It's time for a Sunday beer up the Swan - even Grandad comes too

Harry, Grandad and Fred

Our first dinner in the finished 'sun room'

Sunday lunch in effect

Andrew and Ben start to tackle the massive 3 metre solid oak garage doors

MAssive door man-handling

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Underlay is installed in the office