On Being Two: Harry's Birthday, Suffolk - 28th March 2014

It's Harry's second birthday so there's a small gathering in the garden, behind the building site that is the house.

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previous album: Isobel's Fun Run, Hartismere High, Eye, Suffolk - 23rd March 2014

Harry gets in to blow the candles out

Isobel's fruit cake


Hanging around in the garden room

Isobel brings some food out

The barbeque gets its first outing of the year

Garden talk

Fred gets upset as too much 'girl stuff' is happening to his little house

Mikey shows Jack the 'joy of tractors'

Harry and Jack

Harry and Sophie wrestle for control of the steering wheel

Gabes comes to blow some more candles out

Alice and Sophie in Fred's house

Rosie and Fred take a turn around the garden, in proper 18th-century style

Harry's gift box

The next day, Harry and Fred leg it across the side field

Fred tests out the new swing

Harry roams about

Over at The Swan, the boys write on a dead tree trunk

Isobel's handi-work

Harry gets a cuddle in the Swan

The paellera gets its first outing

Isobel scored some huge prawns

Fred pokes the prawns

Fred models the 'beauty-school drop-out' scene from 'Grease'

Harry takes time out from the piano to discuss his latest composition

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Harry gets in to blow the candles out