A Trip to Orford Castle and some Building Work, Suffolk - 2nd March 2014

Fred's still learning about castles at school, so whilst Isobel and Gabes are over in Brussels for a few days, Nosher and Fred venture over to Orford for a poke around the castle. Then, it's time to "second fix" Nosher's electrical installation - sticking the sockets and switches on to the new wiring in the conservatory and garage, which comprises some three-quarters of a kilometre of cable, 20 sockets, three ring mains, seven lighting circuits and three new consumer units, connected together over 10mm armoured cable. And it all even works first time.

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The conservatory has gone all space-age, thanks to the silvery Cellotex floor

Castle graffiti, from 1734

Fred looks out over the whole world (well, the Orford bit of it anyway) from the top of the castle

A view of Orford

Fred at the top of the stairs

Spiral staircase

Exit, castle left

Fred tries to push a cannon around

Orford castle - all that remains is this Keep

Fred eats a squeezy yoghurt

Fred on a hill

A tangle of tree roots

Up a tree

Orford castle as seen through blossom

An old shop bike outside Richardson's smokehouse in Orford

Fred hangs around outside the smokehouse

Weathered shed doors

An old 'Belarus' tractor

The MV 'Lady Florence' trundles back to Orford quay

Gov the electrician measures up some conduit

A nice big stack of Crabtree MCBs - 20 all in a row

Gov gets to work on one of the new consumer units

Boomer wires up some sockets

Boomer and Gov do some testing

Boomer checks up on the regs

Over in the garage, we second-fix downstairs

The old consumer unit, circa 1994/5

Up on the roof: Lewis and Brian re-roof part of the old house

Elsewhere, Andrew continues to build a new roof

Millie-bags sleeps on Isobel's laptop

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The conservatory has gone all space-age, thanks to the silvery Cellotex floor