Dun Laoghaire and an Electrical Disaster, Dublin, Ireland - 2nd-6th January 2014

The second part of the visit sees a trip down to Dun Laoghaire to roam the breakwater/pier, followed by lunch and a go on the mini fairground rides. Then, there's an evening out in town, more lumch and some time in Blackrock Park. That evening there's drama as a branch from a tree breaks off and takes down nearby overhead power lines. The lines explode in sparks for a few minutes and several electrical fires break out, including one in Evelyn and Louise's airing cupboard - a cable to the boiler is red-hot and burns off much of its insulation, stinking out Fred's bedroom with toxic smoke. Turning off the breakers doesn't seem to help, but it stops when either the cable burns itself out or the outside supply finally trips out.

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Harry and Fred play with Lego as we read the papers in a café in Dun Laoghaire

A cycling advert stops on a Dun Laoghaire street

Incongruous things thrust skyward

There's a general meeting outside the Royal Marine Hotel

Graffiti and fake foliage stuck to a wall

Down on the quay in Dun Laoghaire

The Stena HSS looks frankly bizarre end-on as it turns around in the harbour

The bandstand is closed off

Various buggies are trundled along the pier

Evelyn points out to sea at the end of the pier

The buggies trundle on through town

Evelyn and Fred ponder their menu choice

Inside 'Travel Restaurant'

Harry points to the sky

Fred on the mini gallopers

Fred (disappearing), Harry and Isobel

Lua looks a bit scared as Evelyn laughs at Harry

We find a traditional sweet shop (that still sells sweets in quarters of a pound)

A massed family photo

One for Nosher's band: another 'BB's'

An old advertising sign at Pearse Street Station in Dublin

Isobel waits at Pearse Street Station

Original 1970s tiles in the bogs at the Lord Edward Tavern in Dublin

Mind-boggling 1970s-faked olde-worlde decor in the Lord Edward

A rainbow over Dublin Bay

The rainbow seems to end on the DART pylon

A Christmas tumble-tree has escaped from somewhere

The strong winds have blown a lot of debris around Seafort Parade

Everyone's Christmas trees seem to have ladybirds living in them

The family sit down for lunch

Louise and Evelyn

Birds fly away over the skeletal trees of Blackrock Park

Louise sits on a pillar for a smoke

A discarded shopping trolley

Swans on the pond

A lonely bench, silhouetted

Fern, Fred and Philly silhouetted against the dusk

Fred climbs a wall

Evidence of youthful deeds

Outside, the overhead power lines explode

More (blurry) explosions from overhead power lines

One of several fire engines on the scene

Another fire engine, and a bunch of firemen outside the house

Remains of a cable that had been red-hot and burning

The tree branch that had taken down the overhead cables

Fred in a Café at Dublin Airport

Isobel and Gabes wander off

Time to go - gate 107 at Dublin Airport

Our plane trundles in for its 10-minute turnaround

Fred and Harry

Waiting for something to happen

Airport tarmac sign

A crowd of 'Air Fungus' aircraft

Isobel looks cramped with Harry, as Fred looks up

As we taxi, another Ruinair 737 takes off from Stansted

Harry and Isoble cuddle

Fred's got a new stick as he roams around the long-stay car park

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Harry and Fred play with Lego as we read the papers in a café in Dun Laoghaire