Getting There, and Fred meets Cousins, Dublin, Ireland - 2nd-6th January 2014

Following a quiet Christmas at home, it's time to head over the Irish Sea to visit Fred and Harry's various uncles, aunts and cousins in Dublin. Having a large supply of willing baby-sitters means we even get to go out in the evening a couple of times...

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Fred in his Spireman top at the departure gate in Stansted Airport

Fred trundles his Trunki up to the plane

A Ruinair 737-800

Harry - baby Gabey - flops around

Dublin's new Terminal 2, as seen on final approach

Isobel and Harry - ready to land

The old terminal building and control tower, Dublin Airport

Harry is inserted in to his buggy

Fred roams around the baggage hall

Harry gets stuck in to a load of new toys at Evelyn and Louise's house

Fred's home-made Christmas card

Harry gets an ice cream

The bar at the Dark Horse

Noddy gets the beers in

The price of beer is fairly shocking - €6.60 for a pint of Punk IPA!

Shiny beer pumps

Harry gets the wrong end of the brush when doing his teeth

Harry gives a look

Fred and Isobel share a cuddle round No. 19

Harry and Lua look up to big brother/cousin Fred

Nosher makes a hotdog out of Play-Doh

Fred and Noddy in the Blackrock Centre car park

Isobel and Noddy inspect the menu in Eddy Rocket's

A melee of children, tomato ketchup and burgers

Neon lights

We de-camp from Eddy Rocket's in Blackrock

Down at Blackrock park, the bandstand is a little wet

A DART train at Blackrock station

Sea-wall graffiti

The sad remains of the Blackrock lido

Occasional waves explode over the sea wall

A detail in rust

Harry - baby Gabey - gives a look of suprise at Lua's 'Hollywood' shades

The cousins - Annalua, Harry, Fern and Fred

DART tracks and graffiti

Like a scene from 'The Birds', a thousand gulls take to the air after feasting on dead worms killed by the floods

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Fred in his Spireman top at the departure gate in Stansted Airport