A Building Catch-up and some Thornham, Suffolk - 13th October 2013

Not much visible has been happening on the building site for the last few weeks, but most of the walls are up and some encouraging signs that roof construction is about to start occur. Meanwhile, it's a nice day for another walk around Thornham in the gathering Autumn...

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The base of the garage is just a mess of crushed concrete

The oversite for the side extension is done

Milly the Mooch inspects the concrete floor

The walls go up

The back extension takes shape

On a misty morning, and the scaffolding is up

John Willy's galvanised metalwork is now set in concrete until the end of time

Isobel and Grandad inspect the new concrete floor

Boris leaps off the roof of the car

Much of the ground floor of the side extension is up

Fred scoots around the huge new concrete pad that will be the garage floor

Harry - Baby Gabey - roams around with a stainless-steel wall tie

Harry trundles around on his quad bike

Lovely oak posts, ready to go

At Thornham, Gabes tries to climb up the wooden throne

Isobel looks over

Isobel and Fred

Harry in a willow den

The boys inspect the newly-carved lion sculpture

Fred and the lion


A mushroom

Autumn flowers

Some more late autumn flowers

A teeny-tiny snail on Isobel's finger

Bright red Virginia Creeper

Cleverly-sculpted wood

Milly sits on a wall

Scaffolding is up around the garage

A view from the scaffolding. A gazebo protecting the woodwork has blown over in the wind

A view of the house from up high

The building site looks less, well, building-ey from the oasis of the remaining patch of lawn

Harry inspects the back field

Harry stumps around in the stubble

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The base of the garage is just a mess of crushed concrete