The Diss Cornhall Beer Festival and Maglia Rosa Group, Diss, Norfolk - 12th October 2013

Nosher and Isobel cycle over with The Boy Phil to the Diss Cornhall Beer Festival to sample some ales. There's a good range of music on offer throughout the evening, culminating with a set from "Maglia Rosa Group", formed in part by local sibs Sam and Daisy and which appeared at this year's Latitude Festival. Presaging the musical theme, a few days before, Nosher's at the Fisher Theatre in Bungay to photograph Jacqui Dankworth - stage and film actor, jazz singer and daughter of Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth (the latter being, amongst many other things, the composer of the classic 1970s "Tomorrow's World" theme tune, which the band was rehearsing when Nosher rocks up at the venue). It's something of a challenge as the dressing-room is about 6 foot square, it's quite dark and we only have about five minutes before the band is meant to be on stage...

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Jacqui Dankworth looks in the mirror

A dressing-room shot

The interview, which was done some days prior, is re-enacted briefly for a photo

Down at the Cornhall in Diss, beer is afoot

Isobel furtles around for her beer tokens

A bit of trad-style folk

Beer-festival glass

More music, and a monster bass saxophone

Beer ticking occurs - Humpty Dumpty's 'Nord Atlantic' gets a smiley face

Some dude takes a photo of the band

Bar action

The cistern in the gents' bogs is dripping with condensation

The Boy Phil at the bar

Daisy gives Sam the 'hairy eyeball' as the band tunes up

Daisy checks for pigeons on the ceiling of the Cornhall

Sam and Daisy of Maglia Rosa Group

A hands-in-the-air moment

Sam plays guitar

The energetic bass player pauses momentarily

Barrels on stillage

Sam gets in to the zone

Guitar necks

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Jacqui Dankworth looks in the mirror