Bike Rides and Ipswich Pizza, Suffolk - 9th August 2013

A round-up of a couple of BSCC bike rides - firstly to the De La Pole Arms at Wingfield, and also to the Red Lion at Kenninghall. Then, for wont of something to eat, we end up once again at Pizza Express in the regenerated docks area of Ipswich.

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Jill, Spammy and Isobel discuss stuff over a beer

Apple and Pippa arrive after their no-doubt extra 20-mile detour

Apple looks over

The barmaid of the De La Pole gives Spammy a wary eyeball

A Suffolk sunset over Wingfield

Gary, Marc and Suey outside the Swan

The following Thursday, Pippa, Apple and Gary hang around outside the Kenninghall Red Lion

Pippa and Apple

Harry and Isobel outside Pizza Express in Ipswich

Gabes sucks on a straw

The re-built Customs House area of the docks

Harry: Pizza Face

An old sailing barge heaves to

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Jill, Spammy and Isobel discuss stuff over a beer