The Bure Valley Railway and some Norwich Graffiti, Norfolk - 26th May 2013

It's Day Two of the birthday weekend, and we head back to Wroxham - this time to the railway-in-miniature that is the Bure Valley Railway. From there's it's a leisurely 45 minute ride on the narrow-gauge railway through and to Nosher's old stomping ground (for 6 months) of Buxton, Brampton and Aylsham. There, we eat a picnic before the return journey and a poke around the signal box back at Wroxham. On the way back through Norwich, we stop off to inspect a car park whose walls are festooned with graffiti (in what looks like a managed project) as well as the now-derelict former-HMSO building near Anlian Square.

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In the morning, Isobel and the boys go for a swing

Harry swings around

The engine driver on the miniature narrow-gauge train 'Blickling Hall'

The very-burgundy mini train

Harry and Isobel in the carriage

A yellow field of oilseed rape

At Aylsham, there's a dove on the tracks

The engineering sheds at Aylsham Station

Cows mooch about in the Bure Valley near Buxton

Crowds pile off the train

The engine 'Blickling Hall'

Isobel, Harry and Fred at the station

The view of the station from the signal box, with the Norwich-Cromer branch line on the right

Isobel chats to the boys

Fred behind the signal levers

A volunteer lets Fred have a go

Harry thinks it's hysterical to run behind the signal levers

The Wroxham signal box

Car-park graffiti

Isobel waits in the car, surrounded by graffiti

Even the bin has been painted

Fred comes out to have a look

The wreck of the former HMSO

Some impressive graffiti adorns the old HMSO building in Norwich

Loads of graffiti

More graffiti

Derelict building

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In the morning, Isobel and the boys go for a swing