Norwich Steam and a Broads Boat Ride, Norfolk - 25th May 2013

It's Nosher's birthday weekend. To start off, we'd heard a "word on the street" (at the Burston Crown) that a steam train was coming through Diss, so wandered down only to find it had been through two hours before. Instead, we headed straight off to Wroxham via Norwich, only to find that we were passing Norwich station at the time the very same train was due to head off on its return journey. Train spot! After spending 30 minutes watching the train come in and head off, we continued to Wroxham for a boat trip on the broads before finally ending up at our hotel for the night in Salhouse for a bit of "stick game" action.

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Isobel, Harry and Fred pass a rake of burgundy Mark 1 carriages on the way to see the engine

A throng of train spotters (apparently the term 'rail enthusiasts' is preferred) take photos of the Battle of Britain class engine 'Tangmere'

34067 'Tangmere' at Norwich Station, sporting a 'The Fenman' badge

Fred's not impressed with the noise

An old dude is chastised by the driver for trespassing off the end of the platform

Harry, Isobel, Fred and two generations of loco

90009 'Diamond Jubilee' and a milling throng of train spotters on the other platform

Nice old Mark 1 coaches

The crowds leave the now-empty platform 2

At Wroxham, an entire flotilla of swans departs on some mission up the river

Harry and Isobel look out of the window as we leave the marina

A rusting hulk on the riverbank

Picturesque (and expensive) riverside houses

One of the last few remaining original Wherries - 'Solace' - on Wroxham Broad

Lots of little sailing boats on Wroxham Broad

Looking back up the River Bure towards Wroxham

A somewhat-overloaded dinghy re-enacts a scene from 'We didn't mean to go to sea', complete with dog and baby

Fred inspects an old spiky chestnut case

A gang of teenagers paddle a catermeran canoe and sing 'Summer Holiday'

A family of Canada geese

The paddle boat 'Vintage Broadsman'

A heron stalks its prey

Harry - Baby Gabey - takes a nap and does a double 'power salute'

The former home of George Formby

A line up of boats, and the 70s delight of the Hotel Wroxham

A heron lurks in a front garden

The Heron wings it

Fred on the swings at the Salhouse Lodge hotel

Harry has a swing

Isobel and Fred play 'stick game'

Fred helps out with a spot of pool

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Isobel, Harry and Fred pass a rake of burgundy Mark 1 carriages on the way to see the engine