South Coast Trip: Visiting Relatives and the New Forest, Dorset and Hampshire - 19th March 2013

There's a trip to see Fred's great-grandmother in Burton. Nosher's uncle Neil is there, as is aunt Judith who's visiting from Geneva. Then, we meet up with Phil and Kai (who are visiting from the US) and Phil's parents for a spot of pizza at Pizza Express in Christchurch. Finally, on the last day, we stop off at Rhinefield Ornamental Drive just off the A35 in the New Forest for a bit of a walk around amongst the tall trees.

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Judith, Fred, Neil and Harry on the floor

Neil looks on as Fred wrestles Harry

Judith, Neil, Great-Grandmother and Isobel watch the boys mess about

A doorstep four-generations photo

The swans down at Christchurch Quay

The bandstand

Fred runs around on the bandstand

Swans on the River Avon, Christchurch

Christchurch Priory

Harry waits for is dinner in Pizza Express

Rob and Phil

Isobel, Berenice, Kai, Rob and Phil in Pizza Express

It's time for breakfast at the Globe in Highcliffe

Harry - Baby Gabey - looks for more food

Fred does his 'reindeer face'

Harry and Isobel stride around amongst the tall trees of Rhinewood in the New Forest

New Forest at Rhinewood

Fred looks up in to the tree tops

Isobel and Fred explore a giant Coast Redwood tree

Furry Redwood tree bark

The soaring canopy of redwoods

Isobel, Harry and Fred

Harry looks a little worried by himself

Harry peers around from the safety of his buggy

Fred's found a den

Bright pink numbering on a tree trunk

A tiny narcissus blooms

Nice Eucalyptus bark

A little bit of Australia in the New Forest courtesy of some Eucalypts

Fred waves a stick around

Harry and Isobel stand at the gates to Jurassic Park

Fred roams around

Isobel loads up the car

Harry in South Mimms services

Fred has yet another 'healthy' on-the-road lunch

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Judith, Fred, Neil and Harry on the floor