March Un-Madness: Bressingham Winter Gardens and More Trains, Norfolk and London - 6th March 2013

There's a quick Sunday trip to see the Bressingham Winter Gardens, with Grandad. Then, on another day's commute in to London, there's some ongoing reflection on the state of urban decay along the trackside, as well as the appearance of an unusual train at Liverpool Street Station.

next album: Mike's 40th and More Railway Dereliction, Thorpe Abbots - 16th March 2013
previous album: Railways and Demos, Ipswich, London and Cambridge - 23rd February 2013

Harry - Baby Gabey - pokes around with a book about fire engines, in Amandines

Isobel applies some mustard to her hotdog

Spot the pigeon

Isobel opens the gate across the miniature railway

Bright red-pointed winter foliage

A stunning contrast of black and gold grasses

Isobel and Grandad roam about

Fred's got some Pampas grass

Fred manages to cover Grandad's trousers with Pampas grass seeds

Fred's hiding again (behind another hidey tree)

A carpet of spring crocii

Bright purple and orange flowers

Grandad gives Fred the 'hairy eyeball' as he sits in a wooden shed

Harry and Isobel

The pattern on a beech tree looks a lot like the pits on a Compact Disc

More purple heather and white grasses in the winter garden

Grandad hits the buffers and has a smoke

Later, in London, off Old Broad Street, runners prepare to do the 'Vertical Rush', as a jazz/oompah band plays

Tower 42, up which the Vertical Rush runners are to run

Outside Ipswich, buildings which only a few days ago were still (mostly) there are now (mostly) gone

The top half of a building (under which runs some of the tracks into Liverpool Street) is a whole other mystery world

A building near Liverpool Street that looks not so much derelict as actually bombed or burnt out

A mystery door. Where does it go?

Shiny new graffiti with another new 'tag' on the block: 'Huh!'

More new graffiti above the tracks

'Caroline', and its remote-controled Class 37 loco 'Spirit of the Lakes'

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Harry - Baby Gabey - pokes around with a book about fire engines, in Amandines